Marketing Support for Nonprofits and NGOs


As a nonprofit or NGO, your marketing resources are limited. You’re likely relying on interns and your marketing efforts are likely restricted to whatever you can get to, when you can get to it.

We specialize in working with nonprofits looking for marketing extension services to help with digital marketing fundraising efforts, email marketing, social media and website optimization.


Looking to turn your community into engaged donors?


Your work as a nonprofit is undeniably valuable. So why is it so hard to get your message heard?

In my experience, many times all that’s missing in engaging your community is a thoughtful approach to your website’s user experience and consistent, easy to digest storytelling around awareness, education and impact. We help you break down the digital marketing game into easy to follow steps that you can wrap your head around.

If you haven’t even gotten that far yet, that’s OK to. We’d love to help you think through your digital strategy from scratch.


Affordable marketing packages to help you reach, educate and engage your community.

+ Just getting started?

Take advantage of our affordable starter package. We’ll build your website and make sure it’s connected to all the right digital marketing platforms from day one.

+ Need ongoing support engaging your community?

We work on a monthly retainer or by project to help support your fundraising efforts and other marketing needs such as email marketing, social media and website support. All of our engagements including coaching, guidebooks and easy how to resources to help you strengthen your own marketing efforts from the ground up.

Melina and her team have been amazing to work with. We brought them in to help with our end of year giving efforts. With their guidance and support, we had the best end of year giving campaign in our organization’s history. They brought creative ideas to the table and were focused on action steps rather than high-level strategy and best practices.
— Anastasia Henry, Executive Director at American Transplant Foundation

Want some free tips you can implement immediately?

Schedule your free 20 minute consultation today. Let’s talk about your organization’s goals and brainstorm some low hanging fruit you can implement for immediate impact on your business. implement immediately into your marketing efforts.