Marketing Support for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners


Running your own business is tough. And trying to make sense of the ever changing marketing landscape, when you’ve got your business to run is even tougher. If you’re looking for a holistic perspective on marketing to help you prioritize your efforts and understand what tactics will help you move the needle, you’ve come to the right place.

We specialize in working with entrepreneurs and small businesses looking maximize their digital marketing efforts on limited budgets.


Take the guesswork out of marketing.

Reaching the right people online can seem like a crazy gave up Pacman. You likely have a million questions in swimming in your head at once. Why isn’t my website converting? Should I be on Instagram?

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

In my experience, many times all that’s missing in bringing in the right leads is a thoughtful approach to your website’s user experience and thinking through the customer journey. We help you break down the digital marketing game into easy to follow steps that you can wrap your head around.

If you haven’t even gotten that far yet, that’s OK to. We’d love to help you think through your digital strategy from scratch.

All of our services include marketing coaching support to help empower you to take on your own marketing step by step.


Affordable monthly coaching packages to help you make sense of your marketing.

+ Just getting started?

Take advantage of our affordable starter package. We’ll build your website and make sure it’s connected to all the right digital marketing platforms from day one.

+ Confused about what’s working and what isn’t?

After a quick audit, we'll help you optimize your customer journey and user experience, with step by step guidance and easy to implement marketing tactics that work.

+ Need ongoing support?

We coach you and help you prioritize your marketing efforts with action oriented step by step tactics. If you'd prefer us to do the heavy lifting, we can do that to. We have affordable monthly packages for website maintenance, social media, email marketing, marketing collateral, content writing.

Melina has proven time and again that marketing is strategic and requires careful development and ongoing adjustment. She’s taught me how to identify my target audience, and speak to them and in intelligible and clear way. Melina’s marketing incorporates her background in business and mindfulness that we were so grateful to bring in to our marketing strategy. Melina knows how to connect and convert your target clientele. And fast. She’s truly above the rest.
— Shana Ginsburg, Founder and President at Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring

Want some free marketing tips you can implement immediately?

Schedule your free 20 minute consultation today. Let’s talk about your business goals and brainstorm some low hanging fruit you can implement for immediate impact on your business.