How did it all begin? 

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As a business owner, you’d like to focus on your business, and leave the murky marketing stuff to someone you can trust. I started syb after years of experiencing my own frustrations searching for the right outside support and advice for my marketing needs. syb is the marketing partner I wish I’d had.

The art of marketing lies in translating your vision, value and impact into a digestible format that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. I was born in Madrid, Spain to a fiery Dutch mother and a philosophical Greek father. We left for Washington, DC when I was six for what was supposed to be a year, but ended up turning into fifteen. Growing up in DC was fascinating. I was surrounded by diplomats, and first generation immigrants working for the World Bank, National Geographic and NIH. I also experienced firsthand the massive societal changes a city undergoes when faced with gentrification. Since then, I’ve been traveling the world and opening myself up to experiences, which I infuse my learnings into my marketing

From an early age my multicultural upbringing fostered an innate curiosity to understand people - their culture, values, and ways of thinking. This curiosity is at the heart of syb and helps me understand the core of your business quickly —why do you exist and why should someone care — and communicate and translate your vision and business jargon into meaningful messages and stories that resonate.

My background and passion for globetrotting has also given me a natural predilection to see the world from the eyes of the other and a deep interest in understanding the behavior and psychology of why people do or don’t take action. Understanding your customers' needs, wants and fears is essential for adapting and refining your communications to influence their perceptions.

The average person needs to see a message 7 times before they take action. Threading these messages and and engaging your target audience with stories and educational resources consistently across your marketing efforts will help you deliver an optimal user experience, and drive people to take action.

+ My Bio

I love helping companies and people reach their true potential.I am the founder of Spark Your Brand (SYB) and I also coach and mentor individuals and teams to Lead Mindfully so they can realize greater wellbeing, flow and fulfillment in their lives and careers.

As a holistic marketer rooted in design thinking and lean startup methods, I understand the art and science of marketing, and appreciate the dynamics of the individuals in place leading marketing efforts. I’ve honed my skills over the last decade leading marketing teams both in-house and as a consultant for companies across a wide range of industries including tech, digital media, hospitality, and e-commerce.

I have an Economics degree from Duke University and am also an MIT Sloan MBA alum, with a Master’s in Management Studies from The Lisbon MBA. In addition, I hold certificates in User Design Experience, Health and NLP Coaching and enjoy mentoring others in achieving greater well-being and work-life balance while leading a more mindful life.

I am based in Amsterdam and spend much of my free time traveling, writing, reading topics ranging from design thinking to human psychology, hiking, practicing yoga, and playing the cello.


Supporting Cast


+ Hilary Gustave

I've seen firsthand how thoughtful communication and clear next steps can change outcomes. She strives to bring the path forward into focus and deliver the information and tools needed to charge ahead.

My winding professional path reflects my range of interests and desire to solve problems. Through my work as a consultant, I developed broad expertise in areas such as consumer packaged goods (CPG) innovation, education policy implementation, nonprofit strategy facilitation, and change management. One of my favorite projects to-date involved working with the diverse personalities and contexts in every Colorado law enforcement agency to successfully deploy a new mission-critical IT system.

I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in integrated science and technology. I've lived in colorful Colorado since 2005 and serves on the Board of Trustees for Clayton Early Learning, a national leader in expanding equitable access to high-quality early childhood education. In my free time, I seek out wooded hiking paths, great things to read on the printed page, and opportunities to appreciate human creativity.


+ Claire Daniel Gorden

I'm a content person who excels at connecting people and ideas. My diverse communications background combines content strategy, public relations, website development, sales & marketing alignment, project management, and journalism.

I've held senior editorial positions at top online media companies and consulted on digital communications best practices for leading nonprofits. I've guided content marketing operations at some of D.C.’s “most innovative” tech startups and has conceived, built, and managed integrated campaigns for New York Times bestselling authors.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude fom NYU’s Center for Publishing and has a BA, English from The College of William & Mary in Virginia.

I actively support causes such as improving access to quality, healthy and sustainable food; student loan relief; and campaign finance reform.