How did it all begin? 


I started Spark Your Brand after having countless conversations with entrepreneurs, start-ups and other small businesses who were struggling with communicating their vision and connecting to the right audience. 

My approach is integrated and holistic. I have over a decade of experience launching, building and growing brands, products and services, and leverage both my MBA and business consulting background as well as my UX and design thinking skills into every client engagement. 

I work with a strong team of website developers, designers and digital marketing experts to help support every engagement.  


      Education and experience

      • MIT Sloan MBA alum and BS in Economics from Duke 
      • I've led the successful launch and branding efforts for various companies including a video game engine start-up, B2B SaaS company, men's lifestyle brand, innovative urban planning consultancy and an influencer marketing platform. 
      • Former management consultant, primarily working with global private equity firms on various strategic engagements 
      • Certifications in Design Thinking, User Experience (UX/UI), Google Analytics, and Inbound Marketing

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