Shaun Rabah

Melina’s guidance, intuition and relentless ability to drill down to the essence of any matter makes her an invaluable individual standing by your side. I’ve worked with her on different projects during the past 10 years and I am still surprised to discover new resolute aspects to her approach in response to the what is needed at the time. Above all she is a pleasant and uplifting human being that is a joy to engage with and have in your corner.

-Shaun Rabah, Artist & Entrepreneur

Shana Ginsburg

Melina has proven time and again that marketing is strategic and requires careful development and ongoing adjustment. She’s taught me how to identify my target audience, and speak to them and in intelligible and clear way. Melina’s marketing incorporates her background in business and mindfulness that we were so grateful to bring in to our marketing strategy. Melina knows how to connect and convert your target clientele. And fast. She’s truly above the rest.

-Shana Ginsburg, Founder and President at Ginsburg Advanced Tutoring

Kevin Sweet

When I work with someone, I hope they are thoughtful. This doesn’t mean always having the right answer, right away. It means being willing to take time to ask, listen, understand, and think about how to maximize the impact of action before diving into execution.

When I work with someone, I also hope they are honest. This means being up front with feedback, not just telling me what I want to hear. Doing so demonstrates a true dedication to succeeding.

Last, when I work with someone, I hope they are able to execute on time and on budget. This means being realistic and up front before and throughout execution, and having friendly and transparent conversations. In working with Melina on several projects with many clients, I can attest that she unwaveringly exhibits each of these qualities. I would highly recommend working with her.

-Kevin Sweet, Product Designer / Manager

Anastasia Henry

Melina and her team have been amazing to work with. We brought them in to help with our end of year giving efforts. With their guidance and support, we had the best end of year giving campaign in our organization’s history. They brought creative ideas to the table and were focused on action steps rather than high-level strategy and best practices.

- Anastasia Henry, Executive Director at American Transplant Foundation

Walter Lewis

Melina's vision and expertise in web design is phenomenal! I gave her a description of what I was looking for in my Fitness website. She did an impressive job in bringing my description, programs and services to life. She has a knack for helping your potential customer get a visual of what you offer and creating the connection with them.

-Walter Lewis, Founder of Walter Lewis Fitness